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Mobile apps were initially developed in the late 1990’s when games such as Snake appeared on the Nokia 6110 phone. There were also ring tones, calendars and calculators that typically made up some of the early mobile app development. The first 500 apps were released in the Apple App Store in 2008 a year after the first iPhone was launched in America.

Once, mobile phones only had the simple functions of just being able to make calls. Nowadays, mobiles are so integrated into our lives that we heavily rely on them every day. Not only to communicate with others through calls, texts and emails but to set calendar alerts, access social media and browse the internet. Most people will now visit websites using their smartphone, rather than switching on their computer. This is why websites must be mobile enabled and mobile apps have become so successful. Companies who run the operating systems for smartphones (Windows, Mac iOS, Android etc) all now easily accept third party software, unlike conventional standard mobiles.

Mobile App Development


Mobile apps have become another major selling channel for businesses where mobile solutions can communicate their products or services, alongside giving them unique brand exposure. Whether you are developing new concepts and services in your business or displaying a shop with real products, a mobile app is the most modern technology that will enable your business to generate new leads and sales. People are using mobile devices and apps every day for convenience, whether it’s on the move, at home or at work. Mobile apps allow your target audience (who has chosen to download your app) to bypass search engines and instead go straight to your business. Creating a mobile app that can combine social elements, rewards and discounts, alongside your business services or products, encouraging users to interact more. Using member rewards and discounts, entices customers to repeatedly use your app and keeps the focus on your business, away from your competitors.


Mobile App Push Notifications


Including push notifications on your business app tempts users to log in and can always potentially result in a sale. This is like the concept of email marketing where businesses communicate to their databases through emails. However, push notifications instantly inform users of updates, new additions, offers or reminders but the difference to email marketing is – push notifications are always read. This is because they pop up on screens with the content of the notification visible and ready to read. The average smartphone has 26 apps on it, and studies show that up to 60% of app users open push notifications and 40% use the app straightaway after receiving it. Incorporating concepts like communities, links to social media and sharing options also increases the potential to reach wider audiences then just your initial targeted groups.

Project: Mobile Application
Video and Conference Calling
$5M funding

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Project: Mobile Applications
PHP, android, iOS, Stripe, API

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Project: Mobile App
Outdoor / Map Activity Website
Python, SocketiO, AngularJS

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Mobile app development for businesses is a modern-day must-have technology for marketing. Your business can earn money through app purchases, in-app purchases and advertising. Mobile apps enable a business to reach new customers and expose their brand to a wider audience. You can showcase your services and your products, and although your app may be built around a specific service or product, it is also one of the best marketing tools for your business today.

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