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Don’t know where to start with SEO? Perhaps you just want to read a quick run-down on SEO terms and procedures? If so, then we have some information on this Starter Guide to SEO.

SEO (search engine optimisation) focuses on growing your website prominence in organic search engine results. Organic refers to non-paid advertising in the search engines, these are the ranking results placed under the paid adverts. There are many parts to SEO, from the content you display on your website to other people linking to you on the internet.

Sometimes SEO just isn’t compatible with non-techy mind-sets, or simply you just don’t have the time to start learning it, whatever the reason, we can explain it here so that everyone can understand the terms.

The easiest way we explain the internet and how SEO works is by everyday life events that we all encounter. Think of the internet as a parallel world, and a search engine is a city in that world. Let’s take Google for example, today we are in that parallel world and Google is London. When you click on Google and type in a search term like for example, ‘men’s shirts for the office’; you will then be taken to the results page of Google displaying a number of links to business websites offering men’s shirts for the office. Well that’s simple enough you say and fairly obvious, well yes and no. We call this, the Google High Street, so in our parallel world, this is London’s high street (Oxford Street). In SEO terms, those are businesses displaying the results on the first page of Google which are located in the Google High Street. But how did they get there, and why should they be there and not mine?

SEO Guide

In our day to day life in the real world, every business wants to be located in the high street, that’s where all the customers go, that’s where all the trade is done. Back to the parallel SEO world, that means we all want a place in the top 10 results of Google, the page 1 of businesses. 10 spots, out of thousands of businesses wanting the same spot? That’s a lot more competitive than your average high street where you can fit in hundreds of businesses.

Now comes the second page of Google, this is the streets behind the high street, but hold on a minute, not as many people go to the streets behind the high street do they? That’s right, only 9% of users go and visit page two of Google! A massive 91% stay on the Google high street. In the real world, businesses that are located in the back streets, they have to spend money on advertising and marketing to get customers to find them, otherwise, no one would know they are there. It’s the same on the Google High street, but luckily for us in the parallel world, those back street businesses can work their way into the high street by implementing SEO techniques, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as paying those high street prices!

SEO isn't just about building a nice website, it's about making your site for people to enjoy, for people in everyday life. Just imagine your website as your shop window, would you have an old, out of date, uninteresting shop window in your high street? Of course not, everyone would walk on by. It’s exactly the same for your website. All you have to say to yourself is, would you buy from my shop? Would you trust the website? Just put yourself in the position of the consumer, and look at your competitors and then think, where would I rather buy my shirts!

So instead of us writing loads of information about SEO which you probably dont have time to read right now, we have a link here to MOZ, one of the most trusted resources for SEO to give you a complete guide on SEO.

And for further information on SEO, here is some more info on everything to do with SEO at Moz.

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