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Did you know that 93% of marketers now use social media for business? Recent studies from the MRS society have shown the strength of customer engagement and endorsement when marketing products and services, as this is becoming more and more we should really think about a strategy for localising comments/posts and tweets in the respective foreign languages. We at SEO Organic can assist with implementing a complete Multilingual Social Media plan to get your business recognised first hand by the people who are buying your products in the respective countries that you are looking to market within. Not only will you see your rankings improve however you will be actually more customer engaged with the people that adore your products or services.

When translating content for social media, a creative flair is necessary as if you think about the language we use when we post/tweet or indeed uploading a “selfie”, it is usually of a more non-professional tone and this is very important to understand when we do translate blogs/posts on specific foreign social media sites such as “Xing” and “Wer kennt wen” in Germany and “We Chat” and “Meilishuo” in China. Not only country specific is important when targeting foreign social media sites however the language differences such as in slang used in one part of China to another is important to know about when posting so that what you are marketing/blogging is seen as being original and apt to consumers.

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We like to think that we take the stress out of things by leaving you in the capable hands of our Multilingual SEO expert Kirsty Brown. Kirsty is a veteran from the translation industry, and as a German linguist herself understands and is sympathetic to the problems some may have when optimising and marketing for different countries around the world. This is what she says about working at SEO organic: “Working at SEO Organic not only releases my passion for SEO but also my linguist flair with Multilingual SEO and Social Media – I enjoy advising our customers whom are new to understanding this and breaking it down for them …..The best though is when they see the benefits of implementing a Multi-lingual SEO Strategy and I am directly adding value to their business which undoubtedly creates success!”

If you are currently thinking about expanding your business internationally or perhaps are global already but you are not reaping the required results why not contact Kirsty for an in-depth chat on how we could get achieving the desired effect for your business.

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