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Multilingual SEO

At first glance Multilingual internet marketing which covers both SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) can seem to be a little overwhelming however having a trusted company whom can explain the process and build a roadmap with you to achieve your goals and the results you would like to achieve is the first step in this process. A recent statistic showed that consumers are four times more likely to buy in their own language so translating your Multilingual SEO efforts to increase your presence online makes perfect common sense.

It is imperative to have an understanding of how other people in foreign countries search online. An example of this is that consumers in Russia will use Yandex as a search engine rather than Google. In addition to that, people in China will use the search engine Baidu.

Whichever agency or company you are looking to assist with your multilingual strategy it is imperative that they do have a background and knowledge of doing multilingual SEO and SEM, if anyone does mention machine translation or direct translation of English keywords then beware. We would also very much advise against using google translate or any other form of machine translation for your website SEO - the immediate result is that Google drops that content from the search index and your pages will not be indexed which will be fatal to your campaign. At SEO Organic, we pride ourselves on the research in getting into your global customer’s minds so that we can adapt a creative localised strategy that will return you results. Working in partnership with fully localised SEO experts that are based in the country that you are targeting can assure that you will be marketing for the native consumers whom will be purchasing your products and/or services.

When looking at your multilingual campaign we will take all aspects into consideration and provide a detailed breakdown of what we will be doing to achieve the results that you require. This will include looking into all technical aspects of your multilingual site pages (if already translated) or advising firstly on a keyword analysis and strategy at the very early stages if you are just deciding to market into a couple of different countries but do not necessary have translations completed on those sites. You can be rest assured that we can provide professional and unbias advice – we also have many good links with professional translators whom we can recommend for full website translation/optimisation whom work with us also on some of our campaigns.

As with any form of SEO, there are many techniques and strategies for ranking your company on google and other foreign search engines. At SEO Organic we can ensure that we have the “in-house” native talent whom have a knowledge and expertise of particular in country languages to assist with your campaigns.

To be Global or not to be – that is the question? If you have identified growth markets in other countries for your products then speaking to consumers in their own language in that target country and marketing to those consumers is your most powerful weapon for success. With over 62% of consumers buying products only in their own language with multilingual marketing you will be able to capture this market.

Fancy a chat? If you are looking for some further advice on doing multilingual SEO then why not speak to our expert Kirsty who can advise accordingly.

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