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Inbound content marketing (sometimes called link building) is the implementation of links on other websites that point directly to your website. Inbound content marketing is a key component of search engine optimisation and is a huge contributor to the success of organic search engine rankings, accounting for around 22% of all digital marketing techniques. There are e-commerce websites that ignore link building and focus on pay-per-click, while most will combine the use of inbound content marketing with thier internet marketing strategy.

Does it matter where I place my content? This depends what you want to achieve from your articles, do you want lots of traffic from your article back to your website, or is the content to help with your rankings? I want both of course I hear you say, and yes that makes sense however, not everyone has the budget for high traffic, high authority blogs. If you are looking to gain trust and authority, and don’t have thousands a month to spend on world leading blogs, then you should think about placing your content on small good quality blogs.

Another way is to make contact with other outreach bloggers who will write articles about your business... STOP! Lets get back to reality a moment, will bloggers really write about my business? Nope! Not unless you pay them a hefty fee. Ok, what about following what Google says and allow users to share my content freely? Well, think about this, do you browse the web sharing business content? No of course not. Sorry, its not going to happen that way anytime fast and lets face it, you want your business making money online fast, not next year. So what does that leave the average business on a small budget? Yep, placing content on small, but high authority blogs so that when your rankings get higher in the search engines, you will start to get more customers to your website.

I thought you said you are organic? We are, we don't buy links and we don't create private block network links in order to trick the search engines, that is a sure way to get your website penalised. We create journalistic content and place it on blogs so that other users can read it and gain knowledge about your business, like the media creates news about daily events, we create news about your business. This is the natural and most safest way to create long term organic search results from the major search engines.

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