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SEO for Local Businesses

Why is SEO marketing so important for a small business? SEO is critical for any business if you want to be a segment of your online market. What is the point in having a nice website if people aren’t going to see it? SEO drives unique traffic to your site, giving you as much chance of decent leads and sales as other competitors in your industry. The worldwide web is the biggest marketplace in the world and SEO is the best way to get people to know about your service or products. If you do not have SEO, then your site is not only going to get lost in search engines, but you are also potentially missing out on a huge part of your market, plus you will never reach a wider audience.

I am a Local Business. Why Do I Need SEO?

Most people no longer look at local listings such as the Yellow Pages or Thomson Directory, instead they search online for local services or businesses. If your business is not listed online, then how are people going to know about you? You may have a small business website but unless you carry out search engine optimisation, you will not be exposed to those searching. An astonishing 85% of business starts with a Google search, so if there is another company that provides your service or products, then they are potentially gaining your customers every day. You want to ensure that customers come to you, which is why SEO is so important.

How is SEO Beneficial for My Business?

SEO is beneficial for every business because it puts your brand out there. The online marketplace is the biggest industry in the world, so not only are you competing with a similar business on the other side of town, you are competing with companies on the other side of the world. This prospect may sound scary, but in fact it should be viewed as an advantage because with SEO, you can win local customers, but potentially also engage worldwide customers. This means that by having SEO your business has as much of a chance as large brands, making the online marketplace a fair platform for winning business. Gone are the days of print marketing and local advertising, if you want your business to develop and succeed, you need to incorporate a digital marketing strategy. If you wish to target your local area, then SEO campaigns can be easily localised. In the same way, if you prefer to reach wider locations and target national or international audiences, then this can be done too.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing is a combined strategy that includes keyword research in your industry, competitor and marketplace analysis, optimising your website for search engine listings, creating high-quality written marketing content and taking advantage of marketing platforms in social media. At SEO Organic, we pride ourselves in creating bespoke digital marketing strategies that help our clients to push their business forward, targeting unique audiences and exposing their brand to a much wider audience. Digital marketing is a powerful tool that drives the right traffic to your site. You may have a few hundred visitors a day, but are they generating leads and sales? Digital marketing ensures that the people visiting your site are there because they want to buy your product or want to use your service. Using special tools and techniques, SEO Organic can transform your website into a money-making machine that visitors trust.

Why Work with SEO Organic?

We have specialised in unique digital marketing for 20 years and we still serve some of the same clients who signed up with us at the beginning. We offer tailored, affordable packages for small businesses, so whatever your budget we know we can help. When we start working with a client we carry out a comprehensive website audit to establish your traffic history and current visitors. We analyse and research your market, your competitors and the industry to ensure we have a complete understanding of your business. Using this information, we have a strong foundation to build your digital marketing strategy, taking you through each step so that you feel fully in control of your project. At SEO Organic, we want you to have 100% trust and confidence in us so we are completely transparent with all our clients. We even give you the login details to our systems, so you can check how successful your campaign is running in real time, instead of having to wait for reports from us. We communicate regularly to update you on your campaign and give you advice and support on each stage of the process. We are passionate in what we do and bend over backwards for our clients to achieve maximum results, guaranteeing a successful marketing strategy that brings your small business more profit and excellent ROI.

If you would like know how we can help your small business, give us a call today or pop in the office for a cup of tea and a chat. We already support many small businesses and would love to help you too.

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