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Exhibition Search Engine Optimisation

The online marketplace has fast become the best channel to advertise and promote events and exhibitions. Online directories are steadily becoming exclusive paid and unpaid listings that are a source of knowledge for businesses to research and book exhibitions. However, the exhibition marketplace is rapidly expanding as companies latch on to the profitable success that they can have through exhibiting at trade and consumer shows. The fierce market for winning business and keeping those potential loyal lifetime customers is becoming a difficult and competitive game for exhibition companies.

The Exhibition Marketplace

Exhibition companies are now expanding their services more by not only organising huge events but offering the complete package – the stands, the furniture, the catwalks and even the accessories like plants and artistic sculptors. In the past, all these elements were brought in by outside suppliers but now companies are competing against each other to provide the best experience possible with no extra hidden costs. The exhibition online marketplace in the UK is forever expanding because the basic concept of the actual product is hugely profitable. Exhibition companies typically make at least tens of thousands profit for large events such as the NEC or London Olympia. How are exhibition companies winning the business events? Quite simply because they are easily being found online. Successful exhibition companies spend money, time and effort on their marketing and most of it is online SEO and digital marketing. Having a strong online present ensures that they are top of the list whenever a potential customer uses a search engine, making them the most likely to be chosen.

Exhibitions, Events & Promotion

You might have invested a great deal of money to build a bright, shiny website that advertises your events and your services, but can people easily find it? SEO and digital marketing are the basic, key elements to making sure your online business is found on search engines. Without digital marketing, business could be quiet and your direct competition will be winning over your customers. Not only can SEO and a successful digital marketing campaign catapult your online brand in front of potential clients and a wider audience, but it can be a great way to market your events and promote upcoming shows. For example, taking advantage of the powers of social media could be a great way to advertise upcoming exhibitions and events, whether it’s in the local area or international.

Digital Marketing for Exhibition Companies

SEO gets people to your site through website optimisation and search engine listings, giving your company a chance to succeed alongside the big boys in the industry. Digital marketing also gives you brand exposure across the worldwide web, ensuring your site has authority as a trusted and reliable business. At SEO Organic, we specialise in creating bespoke digital marketing strategies that target your marketing goals. We carry out a full website audit to find out how your site is performing, gathering information such as historic traffic, data and insights. We research and analyse your market and your industry, looking at competitors to establish a specific target audience. We run detailed and insightful reports to give us as much information as we can to build the foundation for a strong and effective digital marketing strategy. All our team including the Directors of SEO Organic will know everything about your project and industry so that we can make your campaign a profitable success with ROI.

Why SEO Companies Should Be Transparent

The SEO industry has had some criticism over the years due to dubious SEO providers making foolish mistakes for their clients. Black hat techniques have been used at times to achieve fast results and although some have been successful, they often have no online longevity and have even caused websites to be penalised. Google also changes its algorithms often and sometimes what may have been an advantage yesterday (like having keywords in your domain) has no relevance today. It’s fair to say that nobody can predict what changes Google may make in the future, which is why SEO companies should be completely transparent with their clients to earn their trust and confidence in making their brand a success. We are so transparent that we even give our clients access to our systems, so they can log in and check how the campaign is running for themselves. We provide detailed and insightful reports to support your project and regularly communicate with you to ensure we are all working from the same page with your complete marketing goals in mind.

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