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Events Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you’re a small local events company or a large national company, you will already know that the events industry is changing and expanding all the time. This couldn’t be emphasised more within the online marketplace, where events websites compete to be the first click from their target audience, in the hope to win their business. The events industry is thriving and will never be an industry that suffers a lack of business, as local organisations, charities, large corporate businesses and industry-related events continue to be booked all the time. The competition in the events online marketplace is therefore significant, so making sure your company is highly listed on search engines and found by your target audience is imperative to the survival of your business.

How Can SEO Help Event Companies?

If you talk to any successful business, you will hear that they employ a strong digital marketing strategy. This will include search engine optimisation, website optimisation, keyword analysis, research and analysis on competitors and the market, strong marketing content and the powerful tools of social media. SEO and digital marketing are an essential combination to develop your business and make it a competitive market leader. Digital marketing for event companies is absolutely critical if you want to be standing in line for new business and repeat customers. It is such a huge market that your website will slowly sink to the depths of search engine listings if you do not carry out any SEO. All your competitors will already be incorporating SEO in their marketing strategies, so if you want to keep up, then it’s important for you to do too.

What Difference Can SEO Make?

Choosing to work with an SEO company can make all the difference to the success of your online brand. At SEO Organic, we start with a complete website audit that shows us how your site is performing and the historic and current traffic you receive. We also provide you with insightful reports that highlight key areas for us to target, how your competitors are performing and where your target market is. SEO should be the backbone to your website, because without it you are limiting your audience and enabling competitors to steal all the market. You may have hundreds or thousands of visitors a day to your website, but unless they are enquiring or booking with you then they are not valuable? SEO aims to target the identified audience for your market, and these will be the people who enquire or book, and who bring in the business.

Why SEO Organic?

SEO Organic have specialised in bespoke digital marketing since 1997, the same year that Google launched. We breathe, eat and sleep SEO, which is why many of our clients who signed up with us 20 years ago, are still with us now. We give our clients the support and guidance that they need to build a stronger online presence, to increase leads and sales and to claim their piece of the marketplace for themselves. SEO is a skill that takes years of experience to be good at and businesses find it cheaper putting their work with us than employing or training new staff because the results make it far more cost-effective. We have a proven track record in optimising and developing online businesses and we are passionate about achieving results for our clients, often bending over backwards to assist in any way we can. As some dubious providers in the SEO industry have given us discredit by using foolish risky methods, we believe that it is essential to be completely transparent with our clients. This means that not only does our team and Directors regularly communicate with you to give updates and reports, but we also give you full online access to the systems running your campaign. If you want to check to see what we are doing in real time, you can simply log in to the system and look.

If you need support in developing your events company, then please give us a call today or you are welcome to pop in to the office for a cup of tea and a chat.

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