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Estate Agent Search Engine Optimisation

The world of estate agents has skyrocketed online as the property market for buying and selling in the UK is on the up. Independent estate agents are utilising the internet to market their properties as a popular and accessible channel for promotion, giving them an additional way to tempt buyers and sellers. The estate agents market has changed over the last few decades. In the past, buyers would need to visit the agent’s office to view what was on the market, or at least look at local newspapers. Since the market has been online, buyers are no longer having to travel to new areas to scope out houses for sale and can instead stay at home and trawl the net in comfort. This means that estate agents are in fierce competition with each other because the niceties of the physical meet and greet in the office doesn’t always apply.

The Online Housing Market

A house purchase is one of the biggest purchases that people will make in their life. With the interest rates changing, paying a monthly mortgage is often more affordable than paying rent. Over the years, house prices have risen and the market is more expensive, making it more difficult for first-time buyers to get a foot on the ladder. More recently, housing companies are helping buyers by offering affordable housing where part-rent and part-buy schemes are available. Since these new schemes, the housing market has taken an upturn. Estate agents are using the power of the online market to attract buyers, often with several striking photos of properties, floor plans, maps and detailed descriptions. However, the market is incredibly competitive and unless you are carrying out digital marketing, your buyers will not find you. All leading competitors will have a strong digital marketing strategy, making sure that any potential buyers who are looking, will be coming to them first.

SEO for Estate Agency

Most estate agents are on several websites in addition to their own. Websites such as Rightmove charge estate agents a monthly fee to list properties and to access their customer database. While this may seem good for wider exposure to sell properties, it is not increasing your online brand. The most cost-effective way for an estate agent to sell houses is through their own business website, avoiding the fees and costs of external sites and introducing buyers to their name. Digital marketing for estate agents can be targeted at local areas, nationally or internationally. If there are several estate agents in your town or city, you want to ensure that people hit your site first. Using search engine optimisation for keyword rankings, website optimising, strong written content and social media will all contribute towards a successful online estate agent. You need to make sure you are competing for your target audience, so that potential buyers are visiting your site.

Why is SEO Critical?

The online marketplace is the biggest in the world, in fact more people are choosing to search online for houses than take a trip down to the local estate agents in the high street. Some sellers are even choosing to only use online estate agents such as Purple Bricks for a reduced fee, so the marketplace has become strongly competitive and is changing all the time. All successful online businesses use a bespoke digital marketing strategy, to ensure they are recognised and listed by search engines, and to make certain they have a fully optimised website to compete against their key competitors. At SEO Organic, we run a full website audit for our clients, to get detailed insight and reports of historic traffic and to evaluate how your website is performing. We research and analyse keywords, your market and competitors to make sure we have a complete understanding of your business. Once we have this information, we can start to build a bespoke digital marketing strategy that is unique for you.

Working with SEO Organic

We launched SEO Organic in 1997 twenty years ago, coincidentally the same year that Google was born. We have been specialising in bespoke digital marketing ever since, still providing an exclusive service to some of the same customers from when we first started. We are proud that over the last 20 years and to this day, we do not have one negative review and we believe this is a testament to the excellent service we provide. In 1997 we made a promise to ourselves that we will never work with more than 22 clients, simply because we want to make sure that we have the time and the resources to offer a first-class service to all our partners. Unfortunately, the SEO industry has had some bad press over the years due to untrustworthy SEO providers using foolish techniques that have resulted in large business websites being penalised or removed from search engines. To reassure you, we never use risky methods and only ever use safe techniques to ensure longevity of your brand, giving your site superior authority in the marketplace. We believe that SEO companies should be completely transparent with their clients, so we give you login details to view your campaign online where you can see the performance in real time. If you choose to work with us, then you will often have contact with the Directors of SEO Organic, who like to keep in touch to give you feedback of your project.

If you would to know more about how we can assist you in getting more buyers to your online estate agency, then get in touch today.

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