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SEO for Accountants

Accountants Business for Search Engine Optimisation

The accountancy industry is a huge market that is a necessity to everyday business and employment. Independent accountants who have their own practice are working hard to survive the competition against larger corporate firms. These professional services cover a vast range of areas, including audits, advising, management and financial accounting, taxation, risk managers, specialists and corporate treasurers. There are believed to be over 300,000 qualified accountants in the UK, with around 172,000 students training to join the industry in the next few years. The accountancy market is currently dominated by 4 major global firms who claim a large slice of the marketplace for themselves. With these large businesses governing much of the accountancy world, the competition for the remaining marketplace is challenging, with accountancy firms doing the best they can, to win business wherever possible.

The Online World of Accountancy

Thankfully, there will always be a need for accountants. While it doesn’t take much to figure that out, it is still important for you to compete with those around you to keep business afloat. Whether you’re an independent accountant or an accountancy firm, the need for a strong online presence couldn’t be more crucial nowadays. Did you know that 85% of business starts with a search on Google? Gone are the days of flicking through the Yellow Pages to find a local accountant, instead people are looking online and finding their solution quickly. Accountants are even performing tasks for people and companies without ever meeting them as the accountancy world (much like many others) has become a remote profession that is often communicated via email and telephone. The number of people now searching online for accountancy solutions has increased so much that having a website with a strong online presence is vital to survive. If you want to promote and market your services, you need an online platform that is highly listed by search engines and easy to find.

Why SEO Adds Up

The important need for SEO is clearly visible to accountants simply for the fact that there are so many services and businesses available online. What makes your accountants service stand out and why would people or businesses choose you? You may have an expensive professional website that offers every accountancy service there is available but how are people going to find it? Search engine optimisation gets your website fully listed and optimised to ensure that your target audience will find you ahead of other accountancy websites. We perform an extensive website audit that highlights how your site is performing, your current traffic, historical data, popular keywords and trend insights. We also carry out comprehensive research on your industry and market so that we fully understand your target audience and your key competitors. Once we have all this insight and knowledge, we have the information we need for the basis of a strong digital marketing strategy that will perform effectively to bring excellent ROI.

SEO Organic – You Can Count on Us

Most accountancy businesses do not have the time nor the skills to carry out their own SEO. They may consider employing a full-time member of staff or training someone in-house, but it is much cheaper for them to put their work with us. To be successful at digital marketing, you need to have many years of experience, so SEO is not something that can be learned quickly or cheaply. We launched SEO Organic 20 years ago, when search engine Google first appeared. We have specialised in bespoke digital marketing services since 1997 and we still provide services to some of the same clients who started with us. We have seen how some SEO providers have damaged their client’s reputation and online brand by using foolish mistakes and risky techniques, unfortunately this has resulted in large businesses either being penalised or blacklisted. We have never used risky methods and stay clear of anything that could potentially jeopardise our client’s online business. We use safe approved techniques that aim to give your brand authority in the industry and longevity in the marketplace. We are proud to say that we have never received negative feedback or complaints from our clients, and have only ever had first-rate reviews. We believe this is a testament to the efficient services we provide, giving clients the confidence and trust in everything we do. We are also completely transparent with clients, giving you access to all our systems so that you can view how your campaign is performing in real time. The Directors of SEO Organic will regularly keep in touch with you, giving you updates and feedback, and supporting you throughout each stage of the campaign.

If you would like to know how we can help you with your accountancy website, please get in touch. Pop in to see us for a cup of tea and a chat, or give us a call at the office today.

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