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What is SEO and why is it vital for the success of your business? If you want your business to be an industry leader in this growing online marketplace, then you need to ensure you have a strong online presence. SEO Organic provide you with a complete website audit to determine historic SEO activity that gives us a detailed breakdown on existing traffic, engagement and successful conversions. We guarantee the most insightful reports in SEO, giving you a strong foundation for an efficient and effective marketing campaign that ensures success for your business online.

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Most businesses do not have the manpower or the time to focus fully on SEO as it can be a full-time job. Learning SEO takes a lot of time and effort and it takes years of experience to be good at it. It’s cheaper for your business to use us rather than employ someone full-time or train your in-house team to do the job for you. Most successful business is conducted online now, so it’s incredibly important for businesses to be focusing on their online marketing to ensure they have a strong presence in the marketplace. We create bespoke strategies for businesses including an insightful SEO audit with analysis and research, optimisation and more. We also show you the stage by stage process that will enhance your marketing campaign, only keeping in mind your precise marketing goals. So, whether your marketing campaign is international, national or local – you will have a strong chance at succeeding in your marketplace.

During the first stages of working on your campaign we will focus on analysis and research. These are the two key elements to ensure your project is successful. We will also carry out extensive search engine optimisation using over two hundred techniques to extract detailed information. Incorporating a comprehensive marketing plan will guarantee that you are driving the ‘right’ traffic to your site through successful organic search, using a proactive and developed technique alongside social media and content marketing. This ensures effective development of the authority of your brand in the online digital marketplace. We spend time on structuring the SEO process for your business, making certain it is individual and unique to your business and industry, to ensure exceptional results with ROI.

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We have dedicated ourselves to digital marketing services since 1997 when Google first launched. Many of the clients who began with us back then are still working with us now which we believe shows that we are established and trustworthy. Those clients decided to stay with us because they have received a high level of quality service throughout the years and we are proud that we do not have any bad reviews since we began. In fact, we have only received first-rate testimonials which we are proud of. We have heard over the years how one risky or uncertain mistake by an SEO provider, can have a long-lasting damaging effect on their client’s business, resulting in heavily jeopardising their place in the online market. We believe that therefore giving our clients complete transparency is critical, and we alongside a first-class service. We are happy to bend over backwards, to ensure that you have full confidence and trust in our proactive approach to guaranteeing more success for your business online.

We feel it is important to allocate as much time as possible to each client, so we never work with more than 22 clients at any one time. This ensures that we can give the best guidance and support to you, and that if any extra work is needed, it’s never a problem. We give our clients 100% bespoke digital marketing custom strategies and our Directors communicate with you directly, ensuring that the whole team at SEO Organic knows everything about your project and your target market. We think it’s incredibly important to communicate with you regularly, making sure that your project runs smoothly, effectively and efficiently. If you want to work with a trustworthy team to drive your business forward, choose to work with us. We will do our utmost to guarantee exceptional results and can ensure a first-class service.


Have you heard of the terms; white hat, black hat and grey hat? These are all familiar terms in the SEO industry which has sometimes been described as the dark arts. It’s no doubt that some of the black hat methods have had some success over the years, but they have not often lasted a long time. Sadly, some high-profile businesses have been blacklisted by Google over the years because risky techniques were used in their online marketing.

Everyone wants a business that succeeds and has longevity and therefore black hat techniques should never be used. Because Google regularly changes its algorithms, black hat methods can unfortunately penalise even superior sites which evidently can be removed from search engines. White hat techniques too have not bypassed some algorithm updates such as the EMD (exact match domain) update in 2011. Google told the SEO industry for years that it was an advantage to have keywords in domains, then with the EMD update, it suddenly announced that rankings were no longer influenced by keywords in domains with keywords. Google also said that if your domain has spam words in (cheap, hot, best etc) your website could also be penalised. Clearly, there is no insight into what search engines will decide next which is why we are fully transparent with our clients, constantly providing them with the details of each stage of the campaign.

In the last 5 years, there have been various changes in the world of SEO but some of search engine recommendations still just skim the surface. To get a business successfully increasing and developing in the online marketplace, the fundamentals from 1997 still apply. White hat techniques are still the most effective techniques of SEO, working alongside a complete and balanced approach to website optimisation, excellent quality content, organic search and social media.

We have always maintained that to win a client’s trust and confidence in our services, it is critical to be transparent with you. You are given the login details to our systems so that you view each stage of the strategy and see for yourself in real time how our team is proactively working on your project. We also give you detailed live updates on SEO, keyword rankings, information on competitors and social media, consistently providing constant feedback and support on the complete performance of your brand.

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Transparency and control, gives you the confidence in your marketing strategy to make certain it is performing 24/7 for the best and maximum results possible. There’s no need to wait for reports as you can check our systems whenever you like.

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