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SEO is critical to every business if you wish to be a successful leader in your industry. SEO empowers a business to have a strong online presence in what is fast becoming a massively competitive online marketplace. To establish how your site is performing, SEO Organic do a thorough website audit which highlights significant SEO activity and current traffic. The audit gives you a comprehensive breakdown of website visitors, how they engage with your site and the conversion rates. An extensive website audit provides intuitive reporting that creates a solid structure and foundation for effective online marketing.

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Most businesses do not have the knowledge or the expertise to implement digital marketing successfully. Companies may think about employing a member of staff to do the work or even train up their existing staff, but in the long-run this will certainly cost you more than using an external source. Indeed, it’s more cost-effective for a business to outsource their digital marketing to us than to keep it in-house. For every business that we work with, we build a bespoke strategy which will include optimisation, in depth research and key analysis of your market, alongside a comprehensive SEO audit. We will also formulate a stage by stage system that will take into account your goals, therefore enhancing your unique marketing campaign. You may choose to focus your online campaign on the local area, or expand to international – but whatever your objectives, we can guarantee leverage and success in your marketplace.

Analysis and research are two of the most vital components to your campaign so this is what we focus on at the start. Once we understand your market and your competitors, we use over 200 methods and techniques to perform intense search engine optimisation. This process extracts detailed and valuable information which is an important part of SEO, helping us to build a firm foundation for a complete marketing strategy so that we can attract more unique visitors to your website. We will develop and strengthen the authority of your business and increase your traffic by improved organic search, powerful content marketing and engaging social media. We make certain that by creating a strong marketing campaign, you will have a greater online presence and of course benefit by excellent ROI.

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SEO Organic has served clients with bespoke digital marketing services since we first opened for business in 1997. We are delighted to say that many of our customers who signed up with us then, are still clients with us now. We consider this to be a testament of the high-quality and personal service that we offer, showing that we are an established company with a loyal client base, bringing consistent success and results. We do everything we can to make sure our clients are satisfied with our service and we not only get good results but we offer client support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that it only takes one small error in SEO to cause major issues for a brand and we have seen many times how SEO businesses have made mistakes causing long-term damage to client websites. This is usually because the SEO company have not had enough skills, knowledge or experience in their field, and unfortunately this has sometimes had a negative effect on the reputation of the SEO industry. We are thrilled that we have only ever received positive feedback from our services and have not had one bad review in our 20 years of business.

When we take on a new project, we make sure that everyone at SEO Organic understands your industry, the target market, your marketing goals and your business inside out. In fact, you may often find that you will be speaking directly with the SEO Organic Directors, because we want to ensure that you know your business is important to us. We do not work with more than 22 clients at a time because we want to give you our undivided attention, best possible guidance and as much support as we can. We communicate regularly, give you advice and make sure that your marketing strategy is running to its highest capacity. We are trustworthy and passionate about what we do and we only ever provide a first-class service to our clients.


White hat, black hat and grey hat… Does this sound familiar to you? These are common phrases that have been used throughout the years in the SEO industry. Black hat techniques have proved occasionally successful at times bringing quick results, but they have not had longevity in making an online business consistently prominent. In fact, over the years Google has black listed even some of the largest online brands because their SEO marketing was performed using risky practises.

For a business to succeed and have durability, black hat methods should never be used. The algorithms with Google change all the time, so what may seem safe methods to use today, could be penalised tomorrow. If your website is penalised, it could potentially be removed from search engines, making all the hard work you have done go to waste. For example, Google informed SEO experts for years that to have your unique keywords in your domain name gave you a strong chance of being ranked highly, then without warning they publicised it would no longer influence search engine listings.

They also informed the SEO world that if your domain name included potential spam words such as cheap, best, top or hot – then your website could potentially be penalised too. This shows us that nobody ever truly knows what search engines will think of next, and therefore this is why we at SEO Organic prefer to be completely transparent with our marketing strategies and our clients.

The last five years has seen some shifts and changes in SEO, but search engine guidelines are only the tip of the iceberg. There are still some core basics that apply from when we first started in 1997 and the white hat methods seem to still be the most successful techniques to get an online brand more leads and sales. Most importantly, SEO needs to include a proactive process that includes full site optimisation, increased organic search, interactive social media and superior written marketing content.

We have an ethical and realistic view on business and how we work with our clients. We don’t believe in just emailing a weekly report with a brief explanation of how your campaign is running. Instead, we frequently communicate and give you regular updates alongside continuous feedback. We give all our clients their own login details to see our system, so that if you want to see how the campaign is building your brand for yourself – you can. Many clients find it interesting and helpful to be able to log in to the systems, making sure your business is involved as much as possible and keeping you in the loop with the progress. We also regularly provide our clients with updates on SEO, social media performance, keyword rankings and competitor insights.

We give you complete control so that you can have belief and confidence in our services and your marketing strategy. You can check that your campaign is performing for maximum results day and night by checking on the systems whenever you like.

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If you would like to find out more or ask how we can help you increase your online brand, then give us a call today or drop in at the office for a chat. We are passionate about what we do and we know we can help.

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