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Four SEO tactics that just don’t work anymore

Four SEO tactics that just don’t work anymore

The world of search engine optimisation changes every single day. It’s certainly not become easier for digital marketers to manipulate the search engine results pages; that’s because Google is constantly refining its algorithms in a bid to maintain best practice SEO for businesses and industries of all shapes and sizes.

If you don’t know your Penguin from your Panda updates, it’s possible that you’re still adopting SEO techniques that are no longer useful in the eyes of major search engines. Let’s take a look at four SEO tactics that you’re simply wasting your time with in 2016:

1. Link swapping
There was a time when websites exchanged links to each other in order to increase domain and page authority, as well as to increase traffic. Today that’s just not effective, as Google only seeks high-quality links from sites that are highly relevant to your website.

2. Keyword stuffing
It used to be imperative that your landing pages were written including target keywords in their exact match form, but this is no longer the case. Google now uses latent semantic indexing to look for the most common words and phrases identified as the keywords of a specific page.

3. More pages equals more traffic
There used to be the notion that the bigger the website you had, the higher your web traffic. Google now focuses on quality rather than quantity. If you don’t have good, informative, in-depth content that’s clearly formatted, you simply have no chance of ranking well regardless of how many new landing pages you create!

4. Build authority by guest blogging
Prior to Google’s Penguin 2.0 update in 2013, guest posting used to be a highly popular SEO activity. Webmasters would write content in places that had nothing to do with their actual industry, simply to build backlinks to their site. If you do guest blog in 2016, it’s imperative you do so only on highly authoritative, relevant websites. Do it ethically and you can still be handsomely rewarded in terms of exposure.

If you are still spending time implementing these SEO techniques it’s probably time for some up-to-date search engine optimisation advice from the Guru’s at SEO Organic!

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